Cheating in any form is prohibited.

Using a "hacked client", abusing a glitch/exploit, or use of an X-Ray texture pack is considered cheating.

Allowed Modifications

OptiFine, Sodium, Schematica, and shaders are allowed.

Do not use the server to harass people IRL.

This includes but is not limited to Doxxing, DDoS attacks, death threats, etc...

Seriously, this is a block game. We will not tolerate harassment outside the scope of the game.

Hate speech is prohibited in general chat.

This includes but is not limited to racism, sexism, nazism, and homophobia.

Do not spam the chat.

Advertising other servers will result in a permanent ban.

The /ignore command is a thing.

Raid/Grief/PvP servers are a competitive environment and toxicity is to be expected.

Do not ask staff for favors.

Staff will not give you OP, creative mode, etc...

Threats will not be tolerated.

Threatening to hack or DDoS the server will result in a permanent ban.

Do not buy or sell in-game items for real-life money.

Times change.

Times change, and so do the rules. Finding loopholes in the rules will not help your case. Staff will handle certain situations on a case-by-case basis. Ignorance is not an excuse.