Welcome to sVanilla Survival!

sVanilla Survival

Version: 1.18.1 / IP: sVanilla.net:25565

Server Updates

Server updated to 1.18 - 06-28-2021

We have updated the server to 1.18.

A few things to know about the 1.18 map - crystals and respawn anchors will do no damage to players. Make sword PvP great again!

About Our Server

sVanilla Survival was founded on August 16, 2019. Our goal is to provide a fast, free, and simple semi-vanilla experience for our players. sVanilla Survival runs on Minecraft Java Ediition 1.18, and the current map was launched on December 11, 2021.

No "pay-to-win". Ever.

At sVanilla Survival, the players are our first priority. We do not provide any "pay-to-win", "vote to win", or staff advantages in regards to gameplay.

Griefing and raiding are allowed.

Most farms are allowed, as long as they do not lag the server.

Spawn rates are reasonable - your mob farms will work!

Other Information

World Border(All Dimensions): 300,000 Blocks

Per-Base Entity Limit: 300

TNT Entity Duping: Allowed

Vote for sVanilla Survival

Voting helps our community grow.
Daily Vote Rewards:
  • 65 EXP Bottles
  • 5 steak - 1 per vote
  • Small chance to get extra rewards per vote!

sVanilla Survival also provides cumulative vote rewards, such as extra sethomes, a mob store, and the ability to change the color of your in-game name.

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Meet Our Staff

The Player First Promise:

Our staff is highly experienced. We are committed to putting the players first. Administration staff cannot and will not use their roles to provide an in-game advantage to themselves or other players. They may not raid players, even if using an alternate account.

Moderators do not have any in-game advantages, they can only warn, kick, and ban.